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All rooms and suites are lovingly furnished, dedicated to their own theme and equipped with natural and sustainable materials for guaranteed relaxation.

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Tueri-Room with new bathroom

  • 30m²
  • Doppelzimmer

Double- or multi-bed-room (ca. 25-35 m2)

With „Tueri“-Beds from carpenter Franz Gross

The „Gross-Primal-Sleep-Principle“ uses the primal power of wood, millenia-old knowledge and techniques in a new way.
„Tueri“-Beds are made of certain wood and without any metal. As a result, they form a natural protective shield against negative energy rays.

The combination of a perfect design and positive energy leads in a harmonious environment to restful sleep, more energy, balance and power.

Every individual built „Tueri“-Bed is objectively tested on ist protective functions by the club of Austrian dowsers and the certification is registered. The focus is on
calm and soundproofing. So, you can be looking forward to a calm holiday at Hotel Panoramahof Loipersdorf.

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