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Only 2 minutes by car

Thermal spa Loipersdorf: relaxation for body and soul

The thermal spa Loipersdorf is only 2 minutes by car for the guests of the Hotel Panoramahof Loipersdorf. The thermal resort Loipersdorf is therefore just around the corner.

The thermal spa Loipersdorf is one of a total of nine thermal spas in the Styrian thermal land. The thermal spa Loipersdorf offers pure relaxation for everyone who longs for vacation and relaxation. The Hotel Panoramahof is located in the immediate vicinity of its "house spa", the thermal spa Loipersdorf. Here, stressed people can recover from everyday life and people can regenerate after an illness. In addition to the classic thermal experience, the spa offers many possibilities that do not allow boredom to arise - and all this surrounded by the wonderful panorama of the Styrian hilly landscape.

Pure relaxation at the thermal spa Loipersdorf

From the Hotel Panoramahof it is only about 20 minutes by foot or a few minutes by car to the thermal spa Loipersdorf. The spa offers relaxation and wellness on a total area of 36,000 square meters, which are divided into several areas:
  • The largest area is represented by the world of experience. Here visitors will find an outdoor area, a multimedia slide, a wave pool and even a beach area in the middle of the hill country. The Schaffelbad represents a relaxation zone.
  • On 8,500 square meters, guests can relax in the Roman pool, the rock pool and the atrium pool.
  • The thermal world offers visitors a sauna village, a hot and cold water pool, an indoor and outdoor pool, a solarium, several rock showers and a Roman steam bath.
  • In the therapy world visitors can enjoy various therapy treatments and regenerate especially after illnesses.

In total, 35 pools at Therme Loipersdorf offer relaxation and variety for singles, couples, families and seniors. 16 pools are filled with fresh water, 19 with thermal water.

Visitors appreciate the Loipersdorf spa: Over the course of the year, around 630,000 people find rest and relaxation. In the winter months, the indoor areas offer enough space for around 2,000 people to relax in peace and undisturbed. In the summer months, the outdoor areas are added and offer even more space for everyone.

The thermal water of Therme Loipersdorf: source of life and health

With around 7,000 mg of dissolved mineral ingredients per liter, Therme Loipersdorf is the spa with the most mineralized water in the East-Styrian Thermenland - and the springs of the spa resort are already 20,000 years old. The spa currently draws 226 million liters of healing water from three springs: the Lautenberg spring, the Binderberg spring and the Barbara spring. Work is currently underway to supply water from a fourth Rehgraben spring. The water comes from a depth of 1038 to 1108 meters and is heated by rising CO2 so that it rises to the surface at a temperature of 62 degrees Celsius. For further use, the thermal water is only cooled slightly.

A number of studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of the thermal water at the thermal spa Loipersdorf. The Medical University of Graz and the hospital St. Pölten were able to prove that a 25-minute bath in the thermal water significantly reduces the cortisol level in the body. Cortisol levels are an indicator of stress in the body - so a bath in the thermal spa Loipersdorf has been proven to reduce everyday stress.

Loipersdorf - A place with history

Actually, it was hoped that oil and natural gas deposits would be found when deep drilling began in the Loipersdorf municipal area in 1972. However, neither black gold nor natural gas was found in the ground - instead, the purest thermal water was unexpectedly discovered. Accordingly, in 1975 the company "Thermalquelle Loipersdorf GesmbH & Co KG" was founded, and only two years later a thermal water deposit was again found only a few meters away from the original drilling site at a depth of 1100 to 1200 meters. An old farmhouse nearby became the first site for a thermal bath. A simple concrete pool was set up in the yard, and a circular pool was created in the barn. On July 15, 1978, the Schaffelbad was opened and was enthusiastically received: already in the first year, about 90,000 visitors were counted. Subsequently, the courtyard pool was surrounded by a building and further reconstruction work was carried out.

The actual main thermal baths near the Schaffelbad already had an attached sauna and were opened in 1981. Even a major fire in 1983 could not stop the success story of the thermal spa Loipersdorf - it was already reopened in 1985 under the motto "Loipersdorf is rebuilding", expanded with an enlarged sauna village, a solarium landscape, a yellow slide and the spa's own chapel. Later, the Schaffelbad was also further expanded and received its sweat landscape, biotopes and a beach with real sand.

Thermal spa Loipersdorf highlights

The thermal spaand the Schaffelbad offer many possibilities for sauna fans:
  • In Finnish saunas or classical saunas, the heat of 50 to 85 degrees Celsius is generated with stone ovens that are automatically doused with water. The alternation of dry, hot air followed by cooling in a cold water pool stimulates all organ systems. This strengthens the immune system and invigorates the metabolism.
  • The steam baths do not get as hot as ordinary saunas and have a humidity of up to 90%. The warm steam has a calming and muscle-relaxing effect. Moreover, visiting a steam sauna, like bathing in thermal water, decreases the level of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • The saunas of the Schaffelbad offer relaxation during guided special infusions, for example with essential oils or with peelings. In the thermal spa visitors can infuse the saunas themselves.
  • With lower temperatures of around 36 °C, infrared saunas offer an alternative to classic saunas and steam baths. Visiting an infrared sauna improves your metabolism, relieves tension and increases your blood circulation.

Another highlight of the Loipersdorf spa is the salt cave. It is located in the middle of the spa and consists of 250-year-old salt rock from the Himalayan massif. A special microclimate prevails in it, which invigorates with its health-promoting effect like a day at the seaside.

In the AlphaSphere Cocoon, visitors experience pure deep relaxation through colors, scents, sounds, lights and vibrations. Six AlphaSphere loungers are available in a room solution specially designed for the spa and invite you to immerse yourself in an energizing and stress-reducing world.

In the Private Spa, guests can enjoy their very special time out in the seclusion of their own wellness area: Discreet, cozy and with that certain something extra, a day at the Private Spa becomes an unforgettable experience.


Hotel Panoramahof: packages including admission to the thermal spa Loipersdorf

For its guests, Hotel Panoramahof offers packages with included admission to the Loipersdorf thermal spa. The "get-to-know" package is especially aimed at guests visiting Loipersdorf and its thermal resort for the first time. Newcomers, but also "re-offenders" can also relax wonderfully with our special "Schaffelbad-Last-Minute" offer and enjoy the daily rich Panoramahof breakfast buffet with regional delicacies. Other spa packages offer free admission to the thermal spa Loipersdorf.

Top offers thermal spa Loipersdorf

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Rosy love days with Schaffelbad 3 days/2 nights • extended breakfast buffet • romantic rose blossom bath • 1x entry to the thermal baths incl. "My Schaffelbad package" • all Panoramahof standards 2 Nights from only € 190.00from only 190.00per capita Read more
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