Pfeilburg Fürstenfeld
Festungsweg Fürstenfeld Pfeilburg Festungsweg Fürstenfeld Pfeilburg Festungsweg Fürstenfeld Pfeilburg Festungsweg Fürstenfeld

Pfeilburg Festungsweg Fürstenfeld

Tourismusverband Fürstenfeld
The fortress path project goes back to an initiative by the President of the Styrian Parliament, Franz Majcen, and Karl Amtmann, chairman of the Fürstenfeld Museum Association. The planning and implementation of the project took more than two years until it opened in July 2013. The project started in January 2011. At 25 meetings of a competent working group, the "Fortress Path Fürstenfeld" and the "Order of Knights-Bike-Tour" with their stations were developed - as they present themselves to the locals and guests today. The closed circular route with the focus on the Hungarian bastion (bunker), castle bastion and iron bridge impressively shows the special and unique structure of Fürstenfeld. An expansion of the fortress path with further expansion stages is already being planned.

Imposing fortifications
Fürstenfeld is the center of the thermal region of Eastern Styria and attracts many visitors as a trading and shopping town. The opening of the borders to the east pushed East Styria and the former border town on the "iron curtain" into the center of Europe. The cityscapes of the old border town of Fürstenfeld are characterized by the imposing remains of the old fortifications. Fürstenfeld was founded around 1170 by Margrave Ottokar IV as a princely town to secure the eastern border of the empire and as a trading town. It was first mentioned in a document in 1178. This first market was protected by walls and towers and bordered on the castle high above the Feistritz and the Johanniter Commandery. The Johanniter also owned the parish rights of Altenmarkt and Übersbach and very early on dominated the region on the border to the river Lafnitz with their presence. In the 16th and 17th centuries, this medieval fortification was expanded and supplemented with bastions.

Walkable and informative attractions
The fortifications of the town of Fürstenfeld have been restored in recent years and opened up with the Fürstenfeld Fortress path. The path leads from the museum in the “Pfeilburg” via the cavalier to the Hungarian bastion, on to the castle bastion and from there to the riverbank of “Feistritz”. It continues up the Feistritz slope and over the old city wall to the main square. From there the path continues to the mill bastion and the “Grazertor”. Via the Augustinian bastion you get back to the starting point, the “Pfeilburg”. At the same time, the work of the Johanniter in the Fürstenfeld area, in Übersbach and in Altenmarkt is shown. The three historical church complexes are connected by a cycle path - the Order of Knights bike tour. This path is also ideal for electric bikes. With the fortress path and the "Order-of-Knights-Bike-Tour", the fortress and the work of the Johanniter - today the Maltese - can be experienced as accessible and informative attractions.

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