Weltmaschine von Franz Gsellmann
Franz Gsellmann und seine Weltmaschine Ausstellung der Weltmaschine

Die Weltmaschine

erbaut von Franz Gsellmann

In 1958 the farmer Franz Gsellmann from Edelsbach visited the Atomium in Brussels. Fascinated by its figure, he began building "die Maschin" in a chamber of his farm. The result is a monstrous tangle of colorful pipes, gears, wire, lattice, wheels, kitchen machines, crucifixes, depictions of Madonna, chandeliers and clocks.

It is operated by over twenty motors and is brightly painted. If you set the world machine in motion, lamps and a blue light flash, a lot turns and moves, some very quickly, and rattling, booming, sometimes shrill, then again tinny, bell-like tones and noises fill the room.

Hardly anyone could do anything with the monster. When asked about the purpose, Gsellmann said: "It'll be good for something." So today this machine stands completely without purpose, but as a monument to a "homo ludens", the playing, creative person Franz Gsellmann in Edelsbach and amazes people, sometimes it makes them little thoughtful about themselves.

Today the work of the outsider, who often left work on the farm unfinished because of the world machine, is known far beyond Styria. And if Franz Gsellmannn hadn't died in 1981 and the chamber had been a little bigger, he would certainly have thought of further extensions.

In addition to the world machine, an exhibition with tools and pictures of Gsellmann's world machine, which were painted by regional artists as interpretations of the "Maschin", can be seen at the Gsellmanns' farm today.

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