Leopard in der Tierwelt Herberstein
Löwe in der Tierwelt Herberstein Kamele in der Tierwelt Herberstein

Tierwelt Herberstein

Steirischer Landestiergarten GmbH
The keeping of wild animals has a long tradition in Herberstein.

While the first fallow deer in Austria were kept here in the 17th century, today it is a scientifically managed zoo with animals from all over the world that performs a variety of species and nature conservation tasks.

In 1888 the animal park, which until then had only been limited to the steep hillside of the “Feistritzklamm”, was expanded to include an adjoining piece of forest, and at the same time the animal population was increased by native wild animal species.

At the end of the 1960s the private park was opened to the public for the first time. In order to increase the attractiveness for visitors, the animal population was enriched with "exotic animals" for the first time. This means that animals from five continents can be observed up close in the Herberstein Zoo!

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Opening hours: 
December 12, 2021 - March 16, 2022
Thursday to Sunday & public holidays from 10 a.m. to 3.30 p.m
Stay in the park until 4 p.m

Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to keep all opening hours up to date.
In order to be absolutely sure whether the animal park is open, we ask you to contact them directly.

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